3D LED Luminous Letters and Numbers Sign

3D luminous letters and numbers are the mainstream products in the market today. All the first-class brand led light sources and computer layout lighting systems are used. 3D looks china resources, meticulous and full, bright and thorough. Different materials marched, superb production process, such as: mini luminous characters and digital series, spray coating thickness does not exceed 0.5mm, to ensure no light leakage, the appearance of fresh air; resin luminous characters using Taiwan high-strength yellowing resistant epoxy resin, the metal bottom plate must be thicker than 1.2mm, and the engineering-grade light-guiding paint is sprayed inside the shell to make the light more uniform and the head side; the metal side light-emitting series is scanned with a large laser scanner, and the edge of the acrylic inlaid metal shell is flat. Up to 100%, with back screw fixing method, can be freely disassembled, each word has more than 2 kinds of scientific and reasonable installation methods; punching letters, LED light source and metal shell perfectly combined, the advantage is high brightness, low cost, Suitable for large characters, the rubber waterproof of the LED lamp is the key point, whether it can be 100% waterproof, the core lies in the selection of the material.

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